TheNailsAngels: The Nail Stickers Brand That Will Change Your Life

We have all already known that moment when we go to a restaurant with a colleague, she tells about her last adventure at work, and when she speaks, she has something "special", something that supports her words, makes her so elegant: her manicure! And there we look at our hands: how long has it been since we took the time to put varnish?


But why do we forget to put on varnish every time?


  • Reason number 1 : You need 14 candles afterwards to remove the smell from your apartment
  • Reason number 2:It takes so long to dry, and when it's dry, you grab your blanket and ... Ah well, you have to start all over!
  • Reason number 3:You just peeled off your nail polish by reading this article
  • Reason number 4:Varnishes were created by Revlon at the same time as car painting in 1920. Always so chemical, if you are pregnant you can forget!
  • Reason number 5:Always putting the same color becomes boring. One day you tried to make a small dot of another color at the base of your nail. Everyone asked you why you had pie on your nail.
  • Reason number 6:The beautician is fine, but your banker warned her.
  • Reason number 7: We love our beautician, except when she goes on vacation. Especially when people ask you why you haven't removed your nail polish since the time it has grown back ("BUT I CANNOT!")
  • Reason number 8:Your nails are so brittle from the polish / nail polish remover combo that you realize it's not for you.


With Stickers, it's over!

The Stick ... what? Yes, the Stickers! It has been around for several years now, but no brand had specialized in it, as we did at TheNailsAngels.
Similar to a "sticker", you just need to apply the sticker, file it to cut it, put on top coat: you have a salon manicure that lasts 14 days!


Why is everyone talking about it?

  • You do a salon manicure, easily from home, and you don't depend on anyone else.
  • All your colleagues are jealous from you at work.
  • Your nails are much longer and less brittle since you use Stickers.
  • Your darling accepts you on the sofa when you do your nails, no more need to insulate in the cellar, Stickers do not feel nothing !
  • You didn't know you could have such pretty feet since you discovered our Pedicure Stickers.
  • You take your manicures everywhere with you.
  • For less than 7 €, you have a manicure that lasts up to 14 days!


There are however some drawbacks to Stickers ...

  • Everyone envies you at work


  • They are all so beautiful that you can never make up your mind


  • Even if they last for 15 days, you want to try them all!

What? You don't know the Stickers? It's time to try it out for yourself!

Choose 6 pads to have more than 2 months of beautiful manicures and pedicures!


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