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How to apply my nail stickers?


Learn in less than 2 minutes how to apply and remove your stickers


Avoid exposure to water for the next 3 hours

For example, apply your stickers in the evening before going to bed, after your shower or bath.

Are your nails particularly fragile?

We recommend that you apply a base coat at least 30 minutes prior to application.

Before applying: Degrease your nails with alcohol

Use modified 70% alcohol, as found in drugstores or supermarkets.


Step 1:

Detach the sticker of the desired size and remove the transparent film.

If you can't see it: Gently scratch or bend the sticker.

Step 2:

Remove the sticker from its paper, holding it by the grey side.

Step 3:

Stick the sticker starting from the base of your nail, to the end, pressing well.

Step 4:

File (or trim with nail clippers) any excess.

Step 5:

Apply a coat of top coat.

How do I remove my stickers?

Just use nail polish remover!
Do not tear or scratch the stickers.

Any more questions?

See our FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions


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