How do I remove the protective film from the stickers?

Hello Angels !

As you know, we have changed the composition of our stickers, for a better hold for several weeks. All the stickers purchased from January 16, 2021 now have a small transparent protective film on each finger, which must be removed before application. This will be explained in the tutorial included in your parcel, but we're dedicating an article to it, to avoid mistakes, because we know you: you'll be throwing yourself on your Stickers without reading the tutorial!

Why is it necessary to remove this film before the application?

If you do not remove the protective film before application, the Sticker will be too rigid during your application and will not stick, it will be impossible to remove it once the Sticker is installed. It is therefore essential to remove this film.

How to remove it?

To remove the film, it's very simple, just peel it off from the top of the sticker (inside the pad), towards the bottom (outside the pad).

You can remove it once the sticker is off, as on the video below, or remove the 16 protective films at once - one for each finger -, before you apply it.

Count until you have 16, to make sure you haven't forgotten any.

Where to find the complete tutorial ?

While waiting to receive your order, you can read the full tutorial right here : See the full tutorial

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