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Do you need help?

Don't worry, we've put together the questions most often asked by our customers here.

And if you can't find your answer here, our customer service will be happy to help you!


What do I have to do to succeed in my first application?

It is normal that your first application is not the most successful. We all go through this: you have to get the hang of it. You have to go slowly at first, and follow our tutorial (available here) and the advice given below.

What are the mistakes to avoid?

Thanks to our ultra-resistant composition, there is little chance of making mistakes. However, don' t forget to remove the transparent plastic film that is on each Sticker!

The other mistake is to overflow onto your skin. It's best to cut off anything that sticks out of your nail on the sides, with a small scissors or nail clippers, otherwise the Sticker may come off.

Don't take a shower or bath for a few hours after application (ideally: do your application before going to bed).

Can I put a base underneath?

Absolutely! Thanks to our new composition, it is possible to put a base to protect your nail. Put the base on at least 30 minutes before you apply the stickers, just enough time to let it dry.

Which top coat do you recommend?

We recommend for a top coat reference (and base coat) the "Stay & Strong Pro Gel Technology - Clear Base" from Maybelline brand.

It is sometimes still called "Super Stay 7 Days - Reference 25 Clear Base" at Maybelline.

Alternatively, we also recommend "Base Coat Express Manicure" from Maybelline.


You can use itas a base coat AND as a top coat (no need for 2 different products), which is what our customers usually do.

Be very careful not to put a "hardener" on your stickers instead of a top coat. This mistake can damage them and this kind of care is applied on natural nails, to strengthen your Keratin.

For logistical reasons, we do not sell top coat on our website. Don't worry, it is very easy to find them in general stores (supermarkets, including small ones), in specialized stores and of course online.

Can I use a UV top coat?

No, the majority of customers who have used a UV top coat find that the hold is not as good as with the classic top coat mentioned above.

How to make stickers last longer?

Do not put your hands under water (e.g. showering) for a few hours after application. Do it quietly at night in front of Netflix before going to bed.

In order to make your stickers last up to 2 to 3 weeks, we recommend that you apply a layer of top coat after 7 days and 14 days.

How to avoid bubbles during application?

When bubbles appear, it means that you have put the sticker "flat" on the nail, and not little by little. This is normal: you have trapped air under your stickers.

Once again, don't blame yourself. We all make mistakes the first few times! Next time, just put the sticker on the base of your nail first. And only afterwards, press the rest of the sticker little by little to its tip.

How to remove the stickers correctly?

Our new composition can be removed with nail polish remover, like varnish. You can also remove them by soaking them in hot water (or after your shower), then kneading them in oil (olive oil type): you can then remove them like stickers.

However, we now recommend nail polish remover, because too many customers were removing their stickers dry, without softening them and without oil, and this damaged their nails. If your nails are fragile, use nail polish remover to keep your nails healthy with stickers.

What do I need to apply them?

To apply the stickers, all you need is a nail file or a nail clipper. That's why it's so practical: you can apply them anywhere, even on the train since they have no smell.

Don't forget to have some alcohol to degrease your nails before applying, and a top coat for finishing, as indicated in our application guide.

My nails are growing back, how can I keep my manicure for a long time?

It's perfectly normal (and a good sign) if you have a demarcation at the base after 10 days, because your nails have grown back. If you want to keep the stickers on longer, just put a coat of top coat on your nails, to come back and even out your manicure: it's like new.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We deliver in Metropolitan France in about 2 to 3 business days, by tracked mail. For the rest of Europe, it will take about 3 to 5 business days, under tracked mail.

Orders placed before 11am are usually shipped the same day (except weekends, public holidays and Monday mornings), otherwise they will be shipped the next business day.

To consult the rates and delivery terms: click here.

These delivery times are given as an indication and are based on the information provided by La Poste.

Do I have to be at home to receive my package?

No, usually all items are delivered directly to the mailbox by your regular mailman and do not require a signature.

Your name must be on the mailbox to ensure proper delivery.

Can I track my package?

Yes, all our packages are sent by tracked mail. You will receive an e-mail on the evening of the shipping day with a tracking link.

Will I have to pay anything at the reception?

For customers located in the European Union :

No. All of our orders are sent from the European Union.

There are no changes (and therefore no surcharges) to be expected as a result of the changes in the EU regulations on July 1, 2021 regarding taxes and customs duties on orders shipped to EU customers.


For customers located outside the European Union:

The customer is considered as an importer of the products.

Possible taxes and customs charges may therefore be payable by you, especially when the order exceeds a certain amount.

Please check with the competent authorities in your country.

Information for Switzerland:


Are return shipping costs covered?

No, the cost of returns within 14 days of receipt is not covered. No return labels can be provided.

For information on returns and how to proceed: click here.

Where do your products come from?

Regarding logistics and shipping, our products are all shipped from France.

Our products are manufactured in China by our trusted partner factory with the highest quality standards in the market.

Is it possible to get free samples?

We often receive requests for free samples. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, it is not possible for us to offer samples upon request.

Why isn't my loyalty program balance up to date?

There is a 30 day delay after your order for your points to be added to your balance, to ensure that your order is not cancelled or returned in the meantime.

Also, for technical and accounting reasons, it is not possible to get points for orders placed before you enrolled in the loyalty program.

All our terms and conditions and answers to your questions about our loyalty program are available on the Angels Club page.

Still need help?

Do not hesitate to contact our customer service team who will be happy to help you.