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Do stickers damage your nails?

Les stickers pour ongles abîment-ils les ongles ?

Many of you ask if our nail stickers will damage your natural nails, as artificial nails do or even nail polish.

The answer is NO, and they can even make your nails more beautiful and longer if you follow the other tips in this article HERE 😍

Unlike other techniques that damage the nails, nail stickers protect your nails by creating a solid protective layer.

If you have sensitive nails that often break as soon as you type them inadvertently or if your dog pulls on the leash 🐕 when he sees a cat in the street, the stickers are a great solution to strengthen your nails without damaging them.

Unlike nail polish, a sticker stays COMPLETE on the nail. In case of shock, the sticker will not go into small pieces with a tip of your fingernail, as would happen with nail polish. You won't lose a fingernail, as with artificial nails.

But then, what's the difference with artificial nails?

In addition to mix perfectly with your natural nail, unlike fake nails that hide your real nails, as if you were ashamed, the main difference is the way to remove the stickers.

Fake nails are so thick that they do not withdraw nail polish remover. They are removed by sanding nails or pulling them, which ends up removing each time the superficial and intermediate layers of the nail. It's rare to see a removal tutorial of fake nails, in which the person has beautiful healthy nails after removing them.

The stickers themselves are a very thin layer of medical glue, medical ultra thin PVC and nail polish.

So why is it better than nail polish ?

When applying nail polish, you apply a chemical compound (which comes from the paints used in the automotive industry ...) in a liquid state, that will come to dry and solidify on contact with your fingernail. These are the same compounds that turn yellow nails.


Some brands develop nail polishes with a clean composition and we support this effort 200%.

In the case of nails stickers, your nail is not in contact with the polish, but is in contact with medical glue and an extra thin layer of PVC that creates a barrier with the nail polish. It is for this reason that the nails do not turn yellow. They are never in direct contact with the nail polish.

The glue, the only component in direct contact with your fingernail, comes from the medical sector, it is for example used for bandages and does not damage the nail.

However, if you have brittle nails, ridged, split, for example, after many poses and nail polish removals, sanding fake nails etc., we recommend applying a protective base coat before your stickers. This way, your nails are 100% protected and grow under your stickers.

💅 In the end, nail stickers are close to semi-permanent, with the advantages of :

  • less damaging the nails
  • being already dry
  • hold (really) 2 weeks
  • and offering an infinity of Nail-Art, that are impossible to reproduce yourself with nail polish, unless you spend 2 hours by a professional (and this is not the same budget 😉)

Your only regret? That you didn't try it before!


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