Your most frequently asked questions

We deliver in Metropolitan France within 2 working days. For the rest of Europe, it will take between 3 and 5 working days.

Orders placed before 11 am are generally shipped the same day (excluding weekends and holidays), otherwise they will be shipped the next working day.

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It is normal that your first pose is not the most successful. We all go through this: you have to take a hand. Take it slow at first, and carefully follow our tutorial and the advice written below.

  • What are the mistakes to avoid?

Thanks to our super strong composition, there is little chance of making mistakes. However, don't forget to remove the transparent plastic film which is on every sticker!

The other mistake is spilling too much on your skin. It is better to cut off anything protruding from your nail on the sides, with a small chisel or nail clippers, otherwise the sticker may come off.

  • Can we put a base below?

Absolutely ! Thanks to our new composition, it is possible to put a base to protect your nail. Apply the base at least 10 minutes before applying the Sticker, time to let it dry.

  • Which top coat do you recommend?

We recommend the Top coat Super Stay 7 Days from Gemey Maybelline, or any top coat with the mention "long-lasting".

Be very careful not to put "hardener care" on your Stickers instead of a top coat. This error can damage them and this kind of treatment is applied on natural nails, to strengthen your keratin.

  • Can we put on a UV top coat?

We have recommended the UV top coat in the past, unfortunately the majority of customers who use a UV top coat find that the hold is poorer than with the classic top coat mentioned above.

  • How to make Stickers last longer?

Do not put your hands under water (eg shower) for 1 hour after your installation. Do it quietly at night in front of Netflix.

In order to keep your Stickers for up to 2 to 3 weeks, we recommend that you reapply a layer of top coat after 7 days and 14 days.

  • How to avoid bubbles during installation?

When bubbles appear, you have placed the Sticker "flat" on the nail, and not little by little. This is normal: you have trapped air under your Stickers.

Again, don't blame yourself. The first few times we all make mistakes! Next time, it will suffice to apply the Sticker first on the base of your nail. And only after, to come and support the rest of the Sticker little by little to its tip.

  • How to remove the Stickers correctly?

Our new composition can be removed with solvent, like varnish. You can also remove them by letting them soak in hot water (or after your shower), then kneading them in oil (type of olive oil): you can then peel them off like stickers.

However, we now recommend the remover, because too many customers removed their stickers dry, without softening them and without oil, and it damaged their nails. If your nails are fragile, use nail polish remover to keep your nails healthy with Stickers.

  • What do I need to apply them?

To apply the Stickers, all you need is a nail file or a nail clipper. This is why it is so practical: you can apply them everywhere, even on the train since they have no odor.

  • My nails are growing fast, how can I keep my manicure for a long time?

This is completely normal (and a good sign) if you have a line at the base after 10 days, because your fingernails have grown back. If you want to keep the Stickers longer, just put a layer of top coat on your nails, to come back to unify your manicure: it's like new.